Is a system to which one uses Sam Nankani’s art of training and discipline to battle and engage life. It is important to not only be able to perform physically as a fighter but to also have the mental strength, complemented by a belief system which prepares you for warfare in all life’s situations – i.e education, employment, relationships, depression etc.

Fused and carefully constructed techniques fit for combat. Sam Nankani has merged, rehearsed and successfully performed a fighting style that he developed to meet all requirements of self defense. Whether this be in ringsports, matsports, cagedsports or day to day life – the art has been designed to be pliable, specific and ultimately effective.

Is specific to you. Sam Nankani applies his God-given gift to fuse an individual’s unique character/personality with his fighting style to produce an entertaining conquest. This has proven to create a growing number of champions.

SN Fighting Style + Personality × SN faith = THE FORMULA

Some teachers are good trainers, some teachers are good coaches & some teachers are good at both and have developed a unique fighting style that suits all. - Sam Nankani

"Not All Elite Coaches Are Great Fighters & Not All Elite Fighters Are Great Coaches But Some Happen To Be Good At Both." - Sam Nankani

"Croydon Muay Thai world champion grapples with success and vows to create UFC legacy."

"Grandmasters & masters of martial arts only fight to secure their legacy, to showcase their own created style or when their back is against the wall."

Strong people stand up for themselves, but stronger people stand up for others.

” The Noblest Art is that of making other people happy with no hidden agendas”

– Sam Nankani 

“There is more happiness in giving than in receiving”

– Acts 20 vs 35

” A true master is both a servant and a shepherd”

– Sam Nankani