Bill Judd, who himself trained under a famous Master in Thailand, founded KO Gym in 1976. Master Bill developed his system which was incoporated into fighters training at KO Gym. KO Gym is steeped in tradition and at its core are the values of community, respect, and the indomitable spirit. After visiting the gym Sam Nankani was impressed with the “science of the eight limbs” and quickly realised that this was the most effective fighting art he had seen. Under Master Bill’s structure of Thai Boxing Kru Sam distinguished himself as a fighter and continued to develop his own style and add to his own repertoire of moves, combinations and counters.


since 1976

At KO Next Generation we believe that our achievements stem from our roots and it is due to our strong roots that we enjoy the fruit of success. Isaac Newton wrote “If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants". In search for a fighting style that presented to be the most effective in most if not all combat scenarios, after a recommendation; the door to Muay Thai where open by Master Bill Judd.