"SAM NANKANI - Grand Unified World Champion- K1, MMA & Submission Wrestling.

As an Elite Coach in striking, Kru Sam has taken his life experiences in various martial arts, as well as Muay Thai, to create a unique and different style of stand up fighting, combined with his unique gift to create a winning formula that with his vision would dominate combat sports at its highest level. This New Style of Fighting was initially developed and tested quietly by Kru Sam over the years part-time at KO EAST through training, sparring, competing and eventually Perfected full-time at KO SOUTH. The style is technical, precise and very very calculated. In Effect what you are seeing is Kru Sam’s students showcasing and utilizing his striking style, set ups, combo’s , concepts and formula everytime his fighters compete. Don’t Blink when you see Kru Sam’s main Fighter’s Competing on higher Level Shows as “anything literally anything” can happen at ANYTIME. Kru Sam has built a reputation over the years as a MASTER MIND in Global Combat Sports and is often referred to as a COMBAT GENIUS.

Kru Sam heads and leads each department in his school of excellence with an undoubted driving force and firm structure; where merging the highest level of striking with one of the highest level grapplers and mma fighters, Marek Idzikowski, to push Kru Sam’s vision for KO Next Generation and his fighters to become complete Mixed Martial Artists, under Team Double Trouble.


Kayo Mma lightweight title tournament finalist

17.04.2010 Spartan Grapple Challenge/Bristol,advanced 1st place

27.02.2011 Ground Control/London,advanced 3th place

26.02.2012 GoToTheGround 4/Ipswich,advanced 3th place

11.03.2012 Tuff grappling challange/Medway,advanced 1st place

02.06.2012 Grapplers Showdown/seni2012 International London open,elite 1st place

01.07.2012 Tuff grappling challange/Medway,advanced 3rd place

27.10.2012 Tuff grappling challange/Medway,advanced 1st place

23.03.2013 Grapplers Showdown London open/London,elite 1st place

14.04.2013 Tuff grappling challange/Medway,elite 2nd place

26.04.2014 – Grapplers Showdown London open/Watford.elite 1st place

30.08.2014 – NAGA UK Championship 3rd place (Elite) (Birmingham)  

13.09.2014 – Grapplers Showdown International London Nogi open/ seni 2014 1st place (Elite)

21.09.2014 – No Gi British Open/Birmingham,elite 2nd place

22.02.2015 – Maasif Open/Gilingham,elite 1st place

14.03.2015 – English Open/Dartford,elite 2nd place

19.04.2015 – Tuff grappling challenge,elite 2nd place

24.05.2015 – NAGA LONDON,elite 2nd place