Kru Sam Nankani Founder & Head Coach of KO Next Generation Gym is recognised as a master in the World of Martial Arts and currently holds position of 4TH DAN. Kru Sam’s achievements & accolades speak for itself. Kru Sam is a premier striking Coach in the UK, training fighters with no experience to become Regional, National, International and World Champions. Personal Sessions under Kru Sam or any of his chosen instructors is a unique experience and you can be rest assured that you are learning from one of THE VERY BEST in combat sport.

Kru Sam also holds the position of England Head Coach for the National Team and since 2013 has been leading Team England in Ringsports (K1 & ThaiBoxing) at World Championships on a yearly basis. Kru Sam is a former WKA England Vice President for k1 & Thai Boxing as well England Director for Thai Boxing and now holds the position of GCO England Vice President for Ringsports K1 & Thai Boxing and GCO England President for Boxing & MMA. Kru Sam also runs England Squad Training once a month; training Referees, judges as well as overseeing fighters for the National England Team.

Kru Sam has also been appointed as one of the main committee members for UKMF/ IFMA for ENGLAND leading to the Olympics. Achievements and Accolades aside Sam Nankani was declared as a master in Martial arts in his own right by his Coach Master Bill Judd during KO’s 40th Anniversary something to which he holds very dear to his heart.




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Sam Nankani established in 2009 the KO NEXT GENERATION Gym in Thornton Heath, Croydon so that he could have a base to deliver his beloved Muay Thai Martial Art programmes. By becoming affiliated with the KO group he was acknowledging the teachings and support he had received over the years from his teacher Master Bill Judd, who had not only coached Sam as a Martial Artist but who had set out for him a deeper philosophical framework to work with. By establishing KO NEXT GENERATION GYM, Kru sam was ensuring that access to his coaching skills would be available to all young men and women regardless of their background, age and experience in martial arts.

Kru Sam has always believed that, as a Muay Thai Martial Artist, it isn’t enough to become technically proficient. What is required to achieve your potential as a fighter and as a human being is to go beyond technique and to develop your own personal interpretation of this ancient art form. Kru Sam has taken this philosophy into his coaching career and he encourages his fighters to see themselves as ‘Martial Artists’ who must be willing to commit themselves to what is in effect a unique three point training plan:

  1. They must learn to become technically very proficient.
  2. They must be willing to develop extremely high levels of physical, mental and emotional fitness so that they can enter the ring confident of being able to respond to whatever happens.
  3. They must learn to express themselves fully so that what the audience and their opponents experience is an individual interpretation of Muay Thai, technically precise but artistically unique.

Training with Kru Sam is a unique experience with high standards being set and achieved in a relaxed and friendly environment where both newcomers to the sport and seasoned professionals are both welcome. One-to-one and group sessions are available – all under the supervision of Kru Sam who is demonstrating that his unique fighting style, approach, system of fitness training and fight strategies enables fighters to become champions time and time again on all levels. The results speak for themselves with two of his young Martial Artists having in November 2013 become World Junior Champions. For any Sports Coach the highest accolade is to have coached a World Champion and this is a goal that few achieve. For Kru Sam to have coached not one but two young men to become World Champions within a period of four years is an outstanding achievement that is already inspiring the group Regional and National Champions under his care and supervision to believe that they too can achieve the highest level of recognition in their chosen sport.